Unity Alpha

Unity Alpha Cover

The cover for my book "Unity Alpha"

Unity Alpha is the name of my first book. I wrote it over the summer of 2011, and published it toward the end of September, 2011. The cover, which you can see to the right, was designed by my wonderful wife, Becky. You can buy it at the following locations:

Note: I’ve temporarily removed Unity Alpha from everywhere but Amazon so I can enroll it in the “KDP Select” program and do some promotion. I may or may not put it back for sale at the other locations after the 90 days. We’ll see how things go.




You can also download a sample with the prologue and first two chapters here:
Here’s the text from the back cover:

Unity has been underway for almost 200 years of its 500-year voyage, carrying over 20,000 people to a new home among the stars. The ship—built inside a hollowed-out asteroid—has had a relatively uneventful journey.

Until now.

Ian Leatherby is a power engineer researching a string of unexplained power outages. Miyuki Takata is a detective investigating a rash of unsolved thefts. They team up when they realize the two mysteries may be connected.

Together, Miyuki and Ian race to uncover the secret plot that threatens the safety of Unity and everyone on board. Can they unmask the conspirators and stop their plan before it reaches its ultimate conclusion?