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Free Story Experiment Results

My new short story, “Charred Wheat,” was available as a free download for five days recently. I did this to gain a bit more exposure and hopefully get a few sales of my first book, Unity Alpha. So, how did it go?

While it’s obviously a bit early to draw any real conclusions, I do think it was worth doing. I had over 300 downloads of the story over the five day period, and at one point, it was #39 on the top 100 free book list in the Science Fiction category. That was really cool, and I wish I had taken a screenshot of the page to save and share here.

As far as sales, I did sell two copies of Unity Alpha┬áduring the promotion period. Not a huge bump in sales, but every little bit helps, and there are now over 300 people who have at least downloaded something written by me. Who knows, maybe more of them will like what they read and take a chance on my book. Also, I think I’ve actually sold a couple of copies of “Charred Wheat” since the promotion ended (I’m not positive because I don’t remember the exact number of downloads I ended up with in each market).

So, will I do this again with other stories or books? Probably. If I do, though, I think I won’t use all 5 allotted promotion days in one shot; I’ll probably spread them out in one or two day increments. I did notice that the rate of downloads dropped significantly after the first two days, so keeping it free for five consecutive days most likely wasn’t worthwhile.


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