Charred Wheat

Cover for "Charred Wheat" short story

Cover for "Charred Wheat" short story

“Charred Wheat” is a short story I wrote back in August of 2011, in between finishing the first draft of Unity Alpha and starting on revisions. I wanted to take a break from the book, but still felt like I wanted to write something. After submitting the story to a couple of science fiction magazines, and getting rejected, I decided to just put it up on Amazon as a Kindle download. Unlike Unity Alpha, which is available on many platforms, I’m keeping this one strictly on Amazon. The main reason for this is to try out Amazon’s new “KDP Select” program, which allows Amazon Prime users to borrow the story free of charge. I did the cover for this story myself, and am pretty pleased with the way it turned out. Below are links to the various Amazon sites where you can buy or borrow it.

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