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Supporting Multiple iOs Version

One thing I hadn’t given much thought until recently was the necessity of supporting multiple versions of iOs with any app I write. And I’m not just talking about supporting future releases. I also may need to target my app to older (pre-4.2) versions. Since I haven’t given it any thought, I have no idea how to actually do this. Do I need to have older versions of Xcode or can I keep up with the latest version and still build apps that work on older iOs versions? What about testing? So far, I’ve been keeping my iPod Touch current with the latest versions of iOs. I can’t afford to buy multiple devices for testing. I know the simulator has at least some capability of running older versions, but is that enough? Neither of the two books I’ve been reading addresses this at all.

I’m definitely going to have to do some research into this before I start working on my first app.

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iOs Dev Books

What are some good iOs development books? I’m currently working my way through iPhone SDK Development (The Pragmatic Programmers) and I’ve also looked at Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK. So far, I like both of them, for different reasons. The first one seems to get into more detail, but later chapters assume you fully absorbed the first chapters, and leave out a lot of the details. You pretty much have to have the code downloaded from their site if you want to follow along. The second book moves more slowly, which is nice, but at times it does feel more like a beginner’s book. While I am a beginner with iOs development, I’m definitely not a beginning developer. Still, I’ll probably finish both of them, although I may skim chapters somewhat (for example, I skimmed the chapter on Core Data in the first book).

What are your favorite iOs books?

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