Updates on Unity Alpha

A couple of weeks ago, I uploaded Unity Alpha to Smashwords to get a few more sales channels going. One of the big ones they deal with is Apple iBooks. Apple doesn’t want to deal with individual authors, so you have to go through a third-party distributor to get your book on sale there. Yesterday, the links went live, so you can now buy my book for you iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch in six different countries. Go to my Unity Alpha page for all the links.

Another thing I thought it would be fun to do was to create a book trailer. I messed around with Windows Live Movie Maker and came up with a basic trailer which superimposes the text from the back-cover blurb over a starfield animation. I also created a spacey music track in GarageBand on my Mac and used that as the soundtrack. I think it turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself. You can see it here.


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