Novel First Revision Complete

I had the previous week off of work, and I spent a fair amount of that time reading through the first draft of my novel and making changes. I fixed a lot of things and added a little over 4,000 words to the text. Most of it was expanding descriptions, but I did write a couple of new scenes that (hopefully) explain certain things a bit better. I also deleted a bunch of unnecessary words, and changed some of the ones I tend to overuse. It still needs work, but I think it is in much better shape that before I started the process.

After I got all the changes put back in, I printed a new copy and gave it to my wife to read. I’m hoping she’ll find more things I can fix, and maybe suggest more ways to add to the word-count. I’m still under 70,000 words, so it would be good to get a longer book if possible. However, I’ve decided that I will probably just go with whatever length I end up with. If it’s right for the story, I hate to add unnecessary padding just to reach some arbitrary size.

It was an interesting experience. I didn’t completely hate anything I had written, and there were several parts I still really liked, even coming back to it after two weeks. For now, I’ll have to wait and see what my wife thinks. I’m counting on her to give me an honest opinion; then I’ll decide what to with the book, if anything.


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